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Advised Kirkbi in their investment in Euro Cater

KIRKBI is the Kirk Kristiansen family’s holding and investment company, which among other things owns 75% of the LEGO Group. KIRKBI’s mission is to ensure a sustainable future for the family’s ownership of the LEGO® brand for future generations

Euro Cater is a leading wholesaler in the foodservice sector in Denmark and Sweden, with revenue of around DKK 8 bn. Euro Cater supplies food products to the HoReCa market, canteens and the public sector. The company has around 2,100 employees at 15 branches in Denmark and 16 branches in Sweden

The management of Euro Cater and KIRKBI have entered into an agreement on future joint ownership of the Euro Cater Group. KIRKBI’s co-ownership will make it possible for the management to acquire the 35% ownership interest that since 2013 has been held by Intermediate Capital Group (ICG). KIRKBI’s investment in Euro Cater takes the form of preferred stock that makes it possible for the management to retain and strengthen the existing ownership structure, which is a cornerstone of the Group’s positive development over more than 35 years. The partnership with KIRKBI will also give the management greater flexibility in relation to the long-term development of the Group’s activities