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Advised the shareholders of FCM Holding in the sale to Matthew Benham

FCM Holding is a Danish owner of the two sports teams, FC Midtjylland football club and FCM handball club

Matthew Benham is a UK-based investor having earned his fortune from sports betting. Matthew Benham is the current owner of the English football club Brentford FC

The deal includes a cash offer in 2014 for an approximate 60% stake of total outstanding shares and a public tender offer to the remaining shareholders with the purpose of delisting in 2015.

The transaction will provide FCM Holding with sufficient capital to retain its key players as well as helping the company to achieve the goal of becoming a top-tier sports club in Denmark with continuous participation in European tournaments. In addition, the change in ownership will allow FCM holding to settle debt and to be released from contractual obligations


*Completed by the HCN Partners team when employed at Handelsbanken