We offer high-quality ECM advisory including preparing companies for IPOs and advice regarding the structuring of initial public offerings (IPOs), rights issues, and accelerated book buildings. We also combine the ECM and DCM advisory to tailor the best solution for the company

ECM advisory

Equity markets allow companies to raise capital from institutional and private investors to support growth and strategic initiatives through IPOs, rights issues and other ECM transactions. IPOs are complex and require significant effort from the organisation to meet heavy documentation requirements


What to consider

  • Does the company have the necessary resources to meet the heavy requirements of an IPO process?
  • How should the equity story be delivered and is the company suited for a public listing?
  • What is the optimal combination of syndicate members?
  • When and where should the company be listed?
  • What is the optimal price for the issue?
  • How should the “investor book” be structured?
  • Any DCM alternatives to Equity Capital?


How HCN Partners can assist you

More than 50 years of combined experience from advising on IPOs, rights issues and accelerated book buildings. Our approach is characterised by senior-led advisory, high and consistent involvement and relentless commitment. We will assist you throughout the entire process. This ensures a successful transaction and a satisfying result

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